Project Description

6 units with surfaces between 170 to 183 usable m², with private terraces, with prices starting from 359.450 Euro + VAT

Duplex with terrace            (4-rooms / 5-rooms)

Duplexes are double-height apartments with 4 or 5 rooms. These structures are meant to offer the space and functionality of a true mansion positioned in the centre of Brașov. The double-height structures has a clear separation between the day areas and night areas and 3 bedrooms on the superior level. If the client is looking for a 5 room apartment, there is a structure with a bedroom on the same level as the living room.

The entrance is completely separated.

The 4 room duplexes have generous terraces with 87 m², 132 m² or 142 m² that will be designed with green spaces, stone areas and wooden deck.

Duplexes – 4 or 5 room apartments – have a day area of up to 80 usable m². This type of structure can be found in the open partition version formed by living room, dining room, kitchen and hall.

The area is flexible, being able to be left completely open or partitioned with glass walls using a metal structure of the glasvand type.

The partition allows the arrangement of a fourth bedroom or an office room resulting in a 5 room apartment.